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who we are

The roots of Pilat&Pilat lie in the Frisian town of Twijzel. There, on the farm, Gjalt Pilat started selling and refurbishing antiques more than forty-five years ago. The wood workshop also formed the basis for his own designs. The ‘Famylje’ collection has been a fact since the 1990s: sustainable, wooden furniture. Strong in simplicity and traditionally made.

In 2003, Pilat&Pilat moved production to its own factory in Bosnia. The wood is widely available, just like good craftsmen. The Nord Ent-Lockwood factory is thriving and growing. Just like the Pilat&Pilat family business, with sales outlets at home and abroad.


Together with our ‘famylje’ (Frisian for ‘family’) in Bosnia, we do what we are good at and what our heart goes out to: processing wood into sustainable furniture. The designs are understated and warm. The clear handwriting of Pilat&Pilat is as recognizable as it is timeless. Honest craftsmanship forms the basis of our solid wood furniture, made close to nature. We use our pure materials sustainably: oak, walnut wood and light elm. The finish is natural, with oil and soap. The strength of Pilat&Pilat lies in simplicity: strong lines, balanced designs and visible wood connections.

our mission

Our tables, cabinets and benches are made with love and an eye for design. They form the basis of atmospheric interiors: a place to come home and enjoy together, to pay attention to each other. It is our wish that our furniture offers an inviting simplicity that brings peace and warmth, while blending with your own style with ease. Pilat&Pilat’s furniture is understated, tough and quirky: they make the difference. And they last longer than a lifetime. In fact, they are heirlooms of the future. Pilat&Pilat likes to connect furniture and people.


From family forest to 'masterpiece' of wood

The Pilat&Pilat factory is located in the heart of green Bosnia. The country has a wealth of forests, and private individuals often also have their own orchards. For production, Pilat&Pilat like to buy private timber, through small businesses. The quality is high, the lines are short and to Bosnians, the orchard has always been a sustainable old-age pension. After years of harvesting nuts and cherries, trees are ready to be cut down. The proceeds of several trees guarantee a winter of income for the family. The youngest generation continuously takes care of the planting of new trees and their maintenance. From family orchard to Famylje Collection – a sustainable and responsible process. 


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