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Interested in a specific model? We recommend that you first inquire at the chosen point of sale whether they have included it in their offer.

For information regarding projects, please contact the agents below:

AGENT Zentral Deutschland
Alexander Trurnit, Telefon: +49 171 2798067, Email:

AGENT Süddeutschland
Mark Retzlaff, Möbel & Designvertrieb, Telefon: +49 163 4414 072, Email:

AGENTS Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Wo-ow AG, Ebnet 1, CH – 8126 Zumikon, Tel: +41 44 910 10 01, website

You are very welcome to view the complete collection in our showroom:
Pilat&Pilat, Tsjerkebourren 40, 9286 GC Twijzel, Friesland

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