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pake sytse


Pake Sytse is the name of the table whose supporting structure is based on the Frisian bell chair. The table top comes in three shapes: rectangular, oval and round. Each shape and size has a unique matching supporting structure. Optionally, you can also choose to have the top edge and the base painted in one colour. The round table top can also be placed on a 104 cm high base. The rectangular top is possible up to a length of 4.5 meters and the oval up to a length of 5 meters. Possible in oak, light elm and walnut.

In 2011, the ‘Pake sytse’ table series won the ‘Vredeman de Vries design’ prize, a Frisian initiative for and by professionals, designers and creatives from the world of design. A nice appreciation from fellow designers, it confirmed that the design is special. Due to the impressive supporting structure and the customization that can be applied, this table has already been produced in many sizes for various companies from New York to Helsinki.

Anniversary promotion until the end of 2023: 15% discount on all variants of Pake Sytse tables





oval (lxbxh)
250 x 130 x 76 (8-legs)
300 x 130 x 76 (10-legs)
350 x 130 x 76 (12-legs)
400 x 130 x 76 (14-legs)
450 x 130 x 76 (16-legs)
500 x 130 x 76 (16-legs)

round (øxh)
Ø 160 x 76 (8-legs)
Ø 160 x 104 (8-legs)

Rectangular (lxbxh)
200 x 100 x 76 (6-legs)
250 x 110 x 76 (8-legs)
300 x 110 x 76 (10-legs)
350 x 110 x 76 (12-legs)
400 x 110 x 76 (14-legs)
450 x 110 x 76 (16-legs)

wood samples & finishes

eiken olie wit zeep wit
white soap
eiken olie wit
white oil
eiken ral 9004
RAL 9004
eiken ral 9016
RAL 9016
eiken lak
natural lacquer
eiken beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
eiken basalt lak
basalt lacquer
eiken schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer
eiken gerookt beits lak no3
stain lacquer 3
eiken gerookt zeep_naturel
natural soap
eiken gerookt zwarte olie
black oil
iepen licht beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
iepen licht zeep wit
white soap
iepen licht bruine olie
brown oil
walnoot olie naturel
natural oil
walnoot olie wit
white oil
walnoot zeep naturel
natural soap
walnoot beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
walnoot lak no4
stain lacquer 4
walnoot schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer

Wood samples give a color indication, because wood is a natural product, each piece of furniture will have its own appearance. Absolute color uniformity is not possible.

in practice


the origin of the design pake sytse

The origin of the iconic design 'Pake Sytse', which has its origins in Frisian culture

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