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Hinke, an all-round upholstered bnch that also works very well without a backrest, freely in the room. Unlike the ‘horse’ in a gymnastics hall of yesteryear, you can relax at Hinke. The shape is simple, but the pattern of the leather upholstery gives this sofa its unique look. You can choose from beautiful soft and characteristic sheep leather or the slightly thicker cow leather in the colors black, brown and light brown. The stitching is also free to choose: in black, brown or sand. Feet available in oak, light elm or walnut.




w x d x h
180 x 55 x 48
200 x 55 x 48
220 x 55 x 48
240 x 55 x 48
260 x 55 x 48

w x d x h
280 x 55 x 48
300 x 55 x 48
320 x 55 x 48
340 x 55 x 48

wood samples & finishes

leer rund bruin
cowhide brown
leer rund donkerbruin
cowhide dark brown
leer rund zwart
cowhide black
leer schaap bruin
sheepskin brown
leer schaap lichtbruin
sheepskin light brown
leer schaap zwart
sheepskin black

Wood samples give a color indication, because wood is a natural product, each piece of furniture will have its own appearance. Absolute color uniformity is not possible.

in practice

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