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This multi-legged table offers everyone a place of their own. With its slender appearance, Djurre is a charming appearance within the collection. Three table top shapes are possible on the slender frame: the rectangle, the oval or the straight-oval, which is the middle between rectangle and oval. The choice of tabletop shape, type of wood and color of the frame gives each Djurre its own character.

From 2023, beech wood will be available as a wood type for a selected number of collection models. Beech wood has an even structure with little drawing and can be used in wide areas. This gives a beech furniture a calm, light appearance.

Djurre with oval table top
The table top of the oval Djurre shown is made of beech wood. The steel frame has the new standard color caramel.

Djurre with straight oval table top
The shape of this tabletop is somewhere between rectangle and oval. The rounded side of this tabletop makes the Djurre extra friendly.

Djurre with rectangular table top
This table top gives Djurre its own face. The three cm thick table top is made up of five layers. The top layer seems to come loose from the top due to the profiling of the edges. With the wood grain in the transverse direction of the table top, the Djurre with a rectangular table top is a bit stubborn.




220 x 100 x 76
240 x 100 x 76
260 x 110 x 76
280 x 110 x 76
300 x 110 x 76
320 x 110 x 76
340 x 110 x 76

220 x 100 x 76
240 x 110 x 76
260 x 110 x 76
280 x 110 x 76
300 x 120 x 76
320 x 120 x 76
340 x 120 x 76

220 x 100 x 76
240 x 100 x 76
260 x 100 x 76
280 x 100 x 76
300 x 100 x 76

wood samples & finishes

iepen licht beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
iepen licht zeep wit
white soap
iepen licht bruine olie
brown oil
beuken zeep wit
soap white
eiken olie wit zeep wit
white soap
eiken olie wit
white oil
eiken ral 9004
RAL 9004
eiken ral 9016
RAL 9016
eiken lak
natural lacquer
eiken beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
eiken basalt lak
basalt lacquer
eiken schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer
walnoot olie naturel
natural oil
walnoot olie wit
white oil
walnoot zeep naturel
natural soap
walnoot beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
walnoot lak no4
stain lacquer 4
walnoot schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer
white RAL 9010
taupe F6.05.50
black RAL 9004
warm red C4.40.30

Wood samples give a color indication, because wood is a natural product, each piece of furniture will have its own appearance. Absolute color uniformity is not possible.

in practice

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