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wood samples & finishes

eiken olie wit zeep wit
white soap
eiken olie wit
white oil
eiken ral 9004
RAL 9004
eiken ral 9016
RAL 9016
eiken lak
natural lacquer
eiken beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
eiken basalt lak
basalt lacquer
eiken schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer
eiken gerookt beits lak no3
stain lacquer 3
eiken gerookt zeep_naturel
natural soap
eiken gerookt zwarte olie
black oil
walnoot olie naturel
natural oil
walnoot olie wit
white oil
walnoot zeep naturel
natural soap
walnoot beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
walnoot lak no4
stain lacquer 4
walnoot schaduwbeits lak
shadow lacquer
iepen licht beits lak no2
stain lacquer 2
iepen licht zeep wit
white soap
iepen licht bruine olie
brown oil
mdf-ral 9004
white RAL 9004
taupe F6.05.50
mdf-ral 9010
black RAL 9010
white RAL 9010
taupe F6.05.50
black RAL 9004
warm red C4.40.30
fenix-0029-bianco male
0029 bianco male
fenix-0717-castoro ottawa
0717 castoro ottawa
fenix-0720-nero ingo
0720 nero ingo
leer rund bruin
cowhide brown
leer rund donkerbruin
cowhide dark brown
leer rund zwart
cowhide black
leer schaap bruin
sheepskin brown
leer schaap lichtbruin
sheepskin light brown
leer schaap zwart
sheepskin black
wybe-iepen licht diamant olie
light elm - oil
wybe-iepen licht diamant zeep wit
light elm - white soap
wybe-walnoot diamant olie
walnut - oil
wybe-walnoot diamant zeep
walnut - natural soap
beuken zeep wit
soap white

Wood samples give a color indication, because wood is a natural product, each piece of furniture will have its own appearance. Absolute color uniformity is not possible.

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